Indian weddings are filled with family, dancing, delicious food, vibrant colors, but most importantly (we're definitely biased), stunning Indian clothing!

If you're a soon-to-be Indian bride, you've probably always dreamed of walking down the aisle in the most dreamy wedding lehenga. If you're a soon-to-be Indian groom, you've either dreaded watching your fiance and your mom fight over what you should wear (lol) or, hopefully, dreamed of wearing a beautifully tailored wedding sherwani. If you're part of the wedding party, you're probably just praying you don't get one of those itchy lehengas or kurtas that fall apart the moment you take them out of the package, have built-in cups made of rocks, or cause you to choke on all the glitter that's flying off.  

Finding Indian outfits that are not only beautiful, but well-made and good quality is no easy task. And, to make it even more difficult, you have to consider the opinions of your entire village (mom, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, friends of friends, and the list goes on...). Then, after you tackle your outfits, you have to hunt for outfits for your family members, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and even make suggestions to your guests on where to shop, especially the ones that are attending an Indian wedding for the first time!

Fortunately, you've come to the right place as our team specializes in helping style not only the wedding couple, but everyone else from the wedding party to the guests! Not sure where to begin? Read below!

We Have To Start With The Bride

Whether you’re a traditional Indian bride looking for a lehenga featuring bold reds and shiny golds or a more modern Indian bride searching for unique styles in vibrant colors, we can help you navigate the options and even help you better understand your style!

Our lehengas are designed to be worn with ease. Think : separate can-can skirt so you can take it on and off whenever you'd like, no sequins poking at you from the inside, fabrics that you want to fall asleep in, and pieces you can dance the night away in! We have a wide range of options featuring hand-embroideries, shiny lightweight jacquards, raw silks, recycled floral satins, stretch cottons, and so much more!

When the makeup artist tells you to be ready at 3am to get your hair and makeup done, you should definitely be excited about what you're going to wear!

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The All Too Overlooked Groom

We see you and we are here for you. It's funny how a lot of people forget that it's your wedding too. Whether you live for Indian wedding fashion, or just want someone who understands your style to choose your wedding attire for the big weekend, you've come to the right place.

We always recommend to start by trying on the more traditional red, gold or cream sherwanis. Then dip your toes in the water and go for an asymmetrical dark green sherwani, or maybe a pastel sherwani in mint or pink.

And before you make your decision, we always like to see our grooms in more unique options like a bold floral sherwani, a lavender open sherwani or even a blue jodhpuri set! We can never get enough metallic details to add some sparkle during your baraat. 

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The Bridesmaids

If you're the bride and you've checked your outfits off the list, congratulations! Now you have to do the even harder job of coordinating your bridesmaids outfits.

On behalf of every bridesmaid there ever was, we beg of you, consider the these things: comfort, appearance, and quality. These are your best friends and you want to give them an outfit that they can be happy in while they celebrate you!

Start by Choosing the Color Palette.

Some colors you can never go wrong with are blush/light pink, navy blue, or lavender. Go a little more modern with sage green, wine or periwinkle. Want to make a statement? Fuchsia is always a vibe for us. Not sure what color to choose? We can guide you and send you color renderings of options to choose from! 

Crop tops and skirts from our collection can be altered slightly to customize your lehengas, or we can help you create custom custom outfits if you’re looking for specific colors and styles! Make an appointment to shop at our NYC store with your girls and have them try on different colors or silhouettes so you can get an idea of what you like while they do too!

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The Groomsmen

Once the groom has his wedding sherwani sorted out, the groomsmen outfits will fall into place. You can go simple with a floral kurta for your groomsmen, or go all out with matching bandi vests.

The more well-dressed your boys are, the more you'll shine. Some classic Indian groomsmen looks features neutral colors like ivory, blush/light pink and navy. Modern options can include sage, orange or even wine. Want your guys to make a statement? Burnt orange, periwinkle or a slate blue are colors we're loving at the moment. Now that you've got the color down, please, for the sanity of everyone, choose a cotton!

The last thing you want are all the groomsmen to walk into the wedding from the baraat with huge sweat stains that cannot be unseen or unsmelled (we know that's not a word but you know what we mean). 


From floral turbans to beautifully embroidered dupattas, our mix and match options allow you to customize your full look. Choose a unique wedding saffa and add a kalgi to it for that royal touch.




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Family Members Need Fits? Have Guests That Are Attending An Indian Wedding For The First Time?

Spend your time planning the most memorable wedding for them instead of planning their outfits. Send them to our NYC Showroom in the heart of Manhattan to browse all of our lehengas, kurtas, sherwanis, and more. We'll walk them through your events and what to wear! They will be at ease knowing they'll look fabulous at your wedding and will even be able to wear the outfit in the future for a non-Indian event! 

If you're looking to customize any of the pieces from our collection, we recommend starting your search around 5-6 months before your event. We can accommodate quick deliveries in as little as a few weeks since we produce everything here in NYC, but we always recommend starting early to avoid any stress!

Want to get started planning with us? We would love to be a part of your wedding weekend! Email us at for a consultation or make an appointment to see our collection

Interested in custom wedding looks? Contact us below!