Nilam & Saras : An Intimate NYC Indian Wedding

Not only are Nilam and Saras one of the most down-to-earth couples we've worked with, but they also just light up every room they enter together! Each appointment and fitting with them was so much fun and we were just in love with the custom colors they chose for their matching lehenga and sherwani. Saras also chose to do a custom jodhpuri jacket for his reception look in a black and gold jacquard fabric that was unreleased from our 2022 collection at the time of their wedding!

1. What made you choose the outfits you did for this event?

Mehndi nights are typically one of the first events for Gujarati weddings and they are always full of vibrant colors. We wanted that vibrancy and the excitement to be reflected through our outfits. The theme of the event was Miami nights, so it made perfect sense to have floral outfits with bright colors and some sparkle. Wearing the outfits with the emerald green and magenta pink combo gave us all the feels that made our Mehndi night exactly what we wanted it to be, bright, energetic, and oh so Miami!

For Saras' reception outfit, we wanted to go a little old-school. Our event was held in a Manhattan ballroom, with the NYC being the backdrop, so it was only fitting to serve up some classic glam with a twist. We did not want the typical tux look, but rather an Indian-style suit with a touch of gold. The style, the cut, and the colors of the outfit fit perfectly with the candle-lit ambiance and the city lights of our reception. This outfit ended up being even better than we had imagined, as it is not something you see at most wedding receptions, I even got myself a matching outfit!

2. What one moment will last with you both forever?

There are a couple of moments that both of us keep bringing up. Seeing our 90-year-old grandma on the dance floor for the first time ever. She danced with our parents, siblings, and cousins, with the biggest smile on her face. As well as seeing all of our friends and
family members on one dance floor together, there wasn't a single face without a smile.

3. What advice would you give to future couples for their wedding?

For Indian weddings it is not easy to do what we did, we are definitely outliers. But because of everything we had heard from everyone else, we went in a different direction. We decided to have an intimate wedding. We invited only people that were close to us. Our list consisted of people that took part in our 10-year relationship. We also made sure to enjoy the weekend to the fullest and let go of everything as soon as we landed in NYC. We did all the planning we could, but once we got off that plane, we both were set on being present, and that allowed us to immerse ourselves in our wedding weekend stress-free. So if you, can keep your wedding to those that are closest to you and truly live in that moment, because it flies by.

5. What were you most looking forward to during your wedding/wedding weekend?

The most exciting part of our wedding weekend was to see our friends and family members from different parts/stages of our lives in one room, celebrating and connecting with one another. We hadn't seen many of these people in quite some time because of the pandemic and because everyone is spread out from the west to the east coast. Our wedding weekend was a chance for us to reconnect face to face with our favorite people and celebrate the Indian way! This was the reason why we decided to have a wedding because it is unlikely to get all of these people in one place together again in the future.

6. What was your experience like working with Harleen Kaur?

I knew I wanted to work with Harleen because of two reasons, her creative skills and the type of person she is. Saras has known Harleen for quite some time and had only positive things to say about her. On numerous occasions, he mentioned how kind and down-to-earth Harleen is, with an impeccable eye. That was exactly what I got. She is incredibly talented, yet very sweet, and caring. Our outfits were what we wanted and the service of the whole team was phenomenal, so much so that we continue to get custom outfits even though we have no events coming up! Working with Harleen Kaur is simply so easy and fun!