Get to Know Team HK : Quarantine Edition

We figured now is the best time to share what we’re doing during quarantine. From what we're watching, making, working on and more! If you have any questions for us, drop it down below in the comments section!


Where are you currently?

Punam : My couch, at home (Texas).

Harleen : My couch at home in Astoria

Odalys : My apartment in Brooklyn

Aman : My bed at home in Queens


What are you binging/watching?

Punam : Jumping back and forth on a few things on Netflix (Elite, The Keepers, The Staircase) and Family Karma + Insecure on Sundays!

Harleen : Just finished Ozark on Netlix; Westworld is next

Odalys : Marvel Movies and New Girl

Aman : McMillions on HBO and Tiger King (Overrated)


Any podcasts you would recommend?

Punam : My Favorite Murder if you like true-crime and laughing.

Harleen : How I Built This with Guy Raz

Odalys : George Ezra and Friends; great for music junkies!

Aman : Ted Bussiness


Are you working on anything (work related, hobbies, side hustles, for fun, etc.)?

Punam : Working on the HK blog, creating more playlists, + figuring out more things to post on TikTok!

Harleen : Sketching, painting, working on content, reading Shoe Dog, and cooking!

Odalys : Recently started a makeup page on Instagram where I create looks inspired by my favorite songs; it’s very therapeutic.

Aman : Expanding the business, cleaning the apt, trying all the different wines in the world!


Has your morning routine changed/what is your “morning” routine?

Punam : No, lol, and usually just grab my phone, check social/messages, and find something to eat or make a tea.

Harleen : Yes! My new routine is to make coffee, do my morning prayers/meditation, stretch and get comfy on the couch to start working. 

Odalys : I definitely get to sleep in more since I’m not commuting into the city. I usually get up and make some coffee and a smoothie and get started working right away (I basically wake up 2-minutes before the workday starts, haha).

Aman : Definitely...Wake up at 12PM as opposed to 6AM, Coffee, Prayers, and check up on work!


Anything new you’ve cooked/tried/made in the past few weeks?

Punam : Whipped coffee (aka Dalgona coffee, beaten coffee, frappe) and gluten-free, peanut-free, and nightshade-free Dabeli

Harleen : Beet brownies and vegan alfredo sauce!

Odalys : Homemade Minestrone soup 

Aman : Nachos and Shrimp fried rice with cabbage


Do you have any at-home workout tips?

Punam : Upper back and neck yoga if you’re constantly crouching or looking down, but right now I’ve been taking advantage of the nice weather we’ve been having in Texas and going on walks. 

Harleen : I have some floor exercises I do but when I want to switch things up I put a Pop Pilates video on (from youtube).

Odalys : The only workout I really get is from cleaning my apartment -- moving all the furniture when you’re vacuuming keeps your place clean and burns some extra calories! (at least that’s what I tell myself)

Aman : Stretch, pace back and forth, pushups, and sit ups


Anything exciting to look forward to for the next few weeks?

Punam : the HK TikTok account! lol

Harleen : Painting and getting organized!

Odalys : Our virtual pop-up shop with POC this weekend!

Aman : Hopefully the world starts to heal and less people passing away :(


Last book(s) you read.

Punam : Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered / The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. Have yet to finish either.

Harleen : Fashionopolis : The Price of Fast Fashion and The Future Of Clothes -- Highly recommend!! 

Odalys : I didn’t really like the last book I read, but I love American Like Me: Reflections on Life Between Cultures (edited by America Ferrera)

Aman : 10th Grade History textbook before an exam lol


Pick-Me-Up Beverage / Go-To Snack?

Punam : Matcha latte / plantain chips and hummus (or sometimes gathiya).

Harleen : Izzy Soda or Reed’s Ginger Beer / more of a guilty snack, but Entemman’s Mini Powdered Donuts 

Odalys : Hot Chocolate / Tortilla Chips (with homemade guac if I have the ingredients)

Aman : Traders Joe’s Ginger Brew, and nespresso coffee!  Snacking on cheetos at the moment 

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