Love in New York with Allison & Atasi!

These two beauties came to us with very little time but we were so excited to help them put their looks together! They were truly such a happy couple, which made being part of their wedding day even more special for us. We helped them choose coordinating pieces that were true to their individual styles.

How did you both meet?

Our meet-cute was in an elevator in housing for graduate school. Allison was going to let Atasi struggle with all of her packages moving into the building - until a friend, Prakriti, offered to help. Allison and Prakriti helped Atasi up to her apartment, and Allison asked if she wanted to drink wine and enjoy the sunset on the roof that night. Atasi said yes and the friendship was born!

A couple months later, Atasi asked Allison to go hiking in Vermont.

It was all history from there.

What were you most looking forward to during your wedding/wedding weekend?

We loved getting to celebrate our commitment with our friends and family in the summer sun and in a way that felt natural, easy, and joyous - much like our relationship. Although not everyone was able to join us in person this last July, we love and are loved by the families we grew up with and our chosen families - and we know we will get to continue celebrating our love with them for a long time to come.

What made you choose the outfits you did for this event?

Atasi: I was looking for an IndoWestern fusion of design that included bright colors that felt airy and had a flattering cut. I really loved all the fabrics and textures I saw when I visited and had been considering a jumpsuit. Harleen brought my very very loose vision to life and I really loved the entire experience.

Allison: I wasn’t looking for an outfit when I walked into the showroom, but was so thrilled with the joy the jumpsuit and blazer brought to Atasi. Harleen and her team offered a wonderful idea to have a touch of matching and it ended up working perfectly to make our day special and gorgeous.

What was your experience like working with Harleen Kaur?

It was an inviting and affirming experience for us both. Harleen’s entire team offered thoughtful suggestions and reassured us that our requests could be made possible in an incredibly short time frame. We are grateful to have found her and to be able to feel and look spectacular on our special day. 


Photographer : @denuevaphoto [Instagram] ; 

Event Location : NYC City Hall & Brooklyn Bridge Park